Saturday, May 12, 2007

Enjoying the day

I am unsure of the time...

the computer says 6pm...

It must be 3pm central time.

The SpouseBuzz live event has been awesome.

USAA,, really did an amazing ob.

The luncheon was interuppted by Billy Blanks, the Tai Bo guy..who came in said hi and Thank You. It was very nice.

Already one VERY wonderful experience to come out of the event. I will probably post it over at SpouseBuzz...very moving.

Honestly worth the day.

Once again, I must say I am impressed with this generation of mil-spouse. They really have a lot of responsibilty, and are handling it graciously.

I am wilting as the day goes.

My panel was a difficult one to participate on.

I was up with 2 very amazing women. Shelly from T.A.P. Tradgedy Assistance Program, she became a widow in 1998, she also is the Mother of 5 children. It was also amazing to up with Chuck Z's wife. She spoke about her experience as a wife of a wounded warrior.

The live panel is UP over at SpouseBuzz...


Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day.

Anonymous said...

hope the wonderful vibes continued through today as well.