Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Morning from lovely New Bern, North Carolina

I can see the Atlantic ocean from my hotel room...

Seems odd I was staring at the Pacific only a few days ago.

This is vacation right?

I was just awakened by a phonecall, and my nieces who are freaking VERY EXCITED to get going today! Coffee was even brought to by hotel room door!

(The Collective are still sleeping, so I passed on waking everyone up for a continental breakfast.)

We managed to leave an entire day earlier than we had thought we would, just because everyone was soooo darn excited, we could not keep them at the house.

So we will be starting our trip here in delightful New Bern...

Founded in 1710, New Bern was settled by Swiss and German adventurers led by Baron Christopher de Graffenried from Bern, Switzerland. Royal Governor William Tryon made this seaport the colonial capitol. His restored 18th-century capitol and residence, Tryon Palace, dominates a thirteen-acre garden complex that includes several historical landmarks in the heart of the city.

I am actually very excited to see the gardens, in fact more excited to see them than the actual palace.

Should be a good day.

We are also heading South, and driving slowly down the coast, stopping whenever anyone would like, to eat, shop, snoop, and of course note the various lighthouses etc...

The Collective still have not seen the ocean, or beach as we got in rather late last night. I am letting them sleep until they awaken...there are not many mornings I can honestly say, I could sit and blog, and enjoy a cup of coffee while they slept...

DH, wishes he was here, he is still attending school in Georgia. I think he might be at the half point.

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Caltechgirl said...

Do take some time at Kitty Hawk if you get a chance. Worth the Outer Banks trip on its own! And the Hatteras Lighthouse.