Thursday, May 10, 2007

Milblogging Conference photos.... more to come

*AWTM, Andrea Shea King (lovliest EVER!!), Marc Danzinger, and Aaron from Lifelike pundits

*My fellow SpouseBuzzer Homefront Six, flew in from the island!!

*RSM, of When The Smoke Clears (co sherpa)

*AWTM, Robert Stokley, Gold Star Father, and Mary Ann Soldiers Angels Germany

*Ward Carroll, from

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*AWTM, and Andi's World


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*From my Position, Chuck , giving a brilliant speech during the luncheon about Valour IT, and other support organizations.

*Trying to Grok, and Tammi's World

You will have to excuse the amount of photos I am in here...but well it was my camera, and I am a diarist.

Oh and remember the fact that I am a military wife, which means ALMOST ALL photos are taken by me, at arms length.

So enjoy....

I do not have time to link all of theose in the photos...
I apologize for the time crunch factor.

I leave for Raleigh in the am. I need to be there by 5:45am!! UGHHH...

Enjoy the photos!!

*if any of you object to having a photo/name/etc up let me know and I will remove it!!

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