Friday, May 11, 2007


Woke at 3:30, and got a face on and headed to the Raleigh airport.

Arrived in San Diego at about 12'ish....

Had the pleasure of traveling with Trying to Grok from Raliegh to Phoenix. We had a nice talk about how inspiring the Milblogging Conference was, and what we hope to accomplish this weekend at SpouseBuzz Live 2.

The good news, I have a sleep number bed. Interesting to be sure. I honestly thought I liked a soft bed...

not so for the record.

It is a joy to be around the other SpouseBuzz Contributors, and catch up with the staff again.

USAA,, have put together a wonderful conference.

I will post pictures soon!

Frankly I am exhausted and have no idea how Andi has managed to organize both events.

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