Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I see your poopy flight, and raise you a pyschopathic stalker!

Air ForceWife, has to be my favorite mil-spouse to play mil-spouse poker with. Oh and it is not because either of us has had anything soooo horrid happen. I honestly think it is AFW's and my own flair for drama.

The first night in San Diego, she arrived with this story in hand....

As soon as we reached cruising altitude, the "gentleman" right in front of me (who was apparently traveling with the snorer in pink), reclined his chair back fully. The nosebleed seats don't recline. I was practically looking up the man's nose as he worked on deals offline on his laptop. It was such a tight squeeze that I could not hold my book up to read and I had to find various contortions to keep my mind off the horrendous coffee breath wafting my way from the inconsiderate lout in front of me.

But it got worse.

The bathroom on board was having "issues". I can't tell you what the issues were - they didn't require that the whole thing be shut down. However, they did send forth a gagging odor of rotting eggs left in the sunlight and then doused with the blue flush stuff. The smell would not go away, and kept getting worse and worse.

you really must go read it in its entirity....
A stinky trip on an airplane. AFW, I too have had stinky airplane trips. Including stinky trips, where the stink in question was produced by 2 children, both in diapers. Have any of you ever tried to change diapers in an airplane "loo"? It is nearly impossible, and if you come out clean, they should give you a free flight to any sandy destination. (drinks included)

I will add here, while sitting in the Dulles airport leaving the milbloggers conference , I sat patiently, waiting for my plane to take off. The vetry boring book Mayflower in tow, no children to play musical chairs with. I was seriously not minding the airport experience.....until I noted some 65-75 year old woman laughing maniacally as she kept snapping shots of me with her camera phone. After about photo 5, I told the guy sitting next to me that this woman was snapping photos of not only me, but him as well. He looked at me for a moment, like i was paranoid, and then raised his head just in time to see her clicking and laughing, and the little light on her camera flashing. I am glad he noticed, as did not like it either.

Odd duck, this woman.

So I mouthed the words..."do not take one more picture!"...and she does it anyway. Her Husband at this point is threatening to take her phone away. She is denying taking any photos.

She takes more photos. At least 5 more. I call my DH and he makes the following suggestions. "Just take her picture, flip her off..."

I did neither, but seriously was amazed that I always seem to run into this type of nutcase.

I am also beginning to wonder if this lady might have a blog called....fashion don'ts, or how too piss off traveling Mom's sans children at the airport?

She just may.

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