Saturday, May 12, 2007


Having a lovely time in San Diego. My face always hurts, after 5 hours with these ladies...

I laughed all through dinner in Little Italy tonight, despite being tired.

I was VERY surprised at hw chilly it gets in the evening here...I should have brought a jacket, although scarves seem to be a chic' option.

The brisk air felt good, I miss brisk evenings. Not too many of those to be had in Arkansas.

I did manage to forget my hairspray of all things.

Although one of the items in the goodie bags is 'hairspray"...of all things. LUCK.

There was a health and beauty aid convention at the San Diego Convention Center today. I did manage to drop in for about 10 minutes, with Submarine Wife. She managed to get a picture of the guy that does the Tai-Bo, Billy Blanks or something.... I also guess some Dancing With The Stars hostess was there, but I never watch it, so I had no idea who she was. I did walk away with a couple of free samples. She did have great hair.

In other interesting news, a couple of the "Hubbies" are here with wives. Very interesting to finally meet the other half of the couple you have heard so much about...and nice to see couples walking ahead holding hands. Particularly after soooo many deployments.

I am supposed to head to bed per my own Dh's advice, but need to drink a lot of water before bed, so i do not look puffy and swollen in the morning.

I am very anxious about my panel in the morning. It will be live streamed as well!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you made it!