Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shout out, to my ladies...

So I was lucky enough to meet Stacy, of Keep My Soldier Safe (NOW GRITS), again!! I love Stacy. She is seriously, one of the most honest, and warm ladies I have ever met. I also have a tremendous respect for Stacy after meeting her parents(who are very hospitable), who upon traveling halfway across the country, stopped into my neck of the woods to meet with us. Her folks, brought enough home canned goods, like jelly, and pear honey, pepper jelly to make me feel like part of the family. (They also tolerated The Collective) who were on bad behavior to prove my lacking parenting skills)....She brought gifts in HAND AGAIN for my children. Including a junior Road Atlas for Sir Rowland!! He LOVES it Stacy. However, I am sure he is going to enjoy his back seat driving experience even better now.

There was also Some Soldier's Mom....who I adore! Also with gifts in tow! WOW! The kids loved their gifts, and I took photos! I had the honor of sitting next to SSM, on The In The Family panel...and I am always amazed at her candor, and grace. She has the ability to speak about the hardest of topics without throwing anyone under the bus...(something I need to learn to do) She also sensed my nervousness, and grabbed my hand in support after my introduction....


Stacy, also had the forethought of bring a box of tissue up to the panel, in case I broke down into tears....something I NEVER used to do, but now do at the drop of a hat at highly emotional events

Well guess what, those tissue came in handy after Mr. Robert Stokley spoke.

I am so proud to call both of you ladies friends...

You amaze me with your families continued service, and your strength!!

All of Gods Blessings..

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