Wednesday, May 30, 2007


You know you have been gone too long, when upon entering your humble abode, you get welcomed by getting tangled in a cobweb.

Seriously, a cobweb.

I also noted the last time I was here I had pnuemonia, and was ill. Yes, it was THAT long ago.

Yes, we arrived home, after a short trip to the grocery, and a quick walk around the house in which Pink Ninja and I picked up a couple of fallen branches. the roof had not caved in, the trees I had removed, still gone! Weeds in the front flower bed are taking over, I am hoping for a bit of rain, to make them more pullable.

Things I have learned from logging a ton of miles.

1.) Dramamine works

2.) You can never pack enough antibacterial wipes.

3.) When you have a months worth of "schtuff" a hotel will not have a wheely valet thingy.

4.) Gas will be the most expensive ever when you decide to drive The Collective across the country.

5.) There are a lot of hookers on hwy 78 in South Memphis.

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