Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Circles of gratitude

I am still in the foothills of North Carolina, sans cell service, wireless etc.

I am finding my experience at The MilBlogging Convention very overwhelming in so many different aspects.

I am from a very Midwestern cynical, working class background, where I sort of grew up in an environment where I was sort of taught that "one person" cannot really make much of a difference.

The military community, support community, and the blogosphere have shown me what heart, and thought, and drive can really do. And for no other reason than "doing it for others". Those military members serving for a community of people that are at times unaware of the sacrifices made. The volunteers and support community like Soldiers Angels, Valour IT, Sew Much Comfort, trying to give back to those who serve us. It is an amazing circle of service, and gratitude, that is an incredible wheel to watch turning.

Since I have started reading blogs in 2003, and blogging on my own in 2005, my cynical attitude has changed. I really have seen individual people DO AMAZING things for others.

On a personal note, I honestly must say this about our members that serve our Country continue to amaze me with such selfless efforts, I am really in awe of you all.

To those that support the men and women that serve and their mission, once again I need to thank you for always having our backs. Because when I sent my spouse to war I could not help but think "what if".

"What if?"...

And I will honestly say, that most of the time those "what if" thoughts would be squashed with the idea of knowing there were organizations I knew of that really did have my back, so I could continue my role as a wife and Mother.

That is an awesome gift to give someone. It eliminates a lot of anxiety, fear, and allows Mothers, Wives, Husbands and Fathers to focus on making things at home as smooth as possible.

So from my heart I wear on my sleeve, and I do wear it on my sleeve...

I thank each of you, service members, support community for making my life better and easier...

Because you have made it easier. Know because of all you do there have been fewer tears, and more hope.

Those are amazing gifts.

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