Saturday, May 05, 2007

live continued

Blackfive as always clever indeed...

Introducing Sean "Doc in The Box", wife is here as well. His blog is blogrolled on the right hand side, please go check.

Hook introduced, and discussing Operation Shoefly. An amazing effort.

Bill Roggio being introduced by Blackfive as smartest guy on the planet. Bill, always very soft spoken. He blogs at the Fourth Rail. Former military, and currently is an independent journalist embed.

Discussing technological evolution in battlefield, since 2005, the amazing difference.

Blackfive, introducing topic of new blog regulations.

"Army" regs Doc in The Box points out.. very funny.

The new Army regs in essence mean all blog posts written must be proofed by the commander before being posted. Blackfive points out that even the "mundane" will need to be proofed.

Most "guys in the field" are not going to BOTHER a Commander, who is busy with a blog post. Hence the Army's way of trying to put Kabosh on blogging.

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