Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weekend phonecalls

It is Sunday......Dearest Husband let me sleep, I was very tired this a.m.

Weekends are a busy time for us "phone wise". It starts Friday night, and runs through the weekend.

Last night we got to hear from a couple of friends calling from BIAP...Baghdad International Airport, they too are headed home after an 18 month deployment. The rain over there has made things a mess, so they will be later than expected. They sounded tired, and worn out from all of the work that is involved with getting back home. They were hungry to hear about Dearest Husbands reunion. How are the babies? How is "Dear Wife"? "How are you doing?" they wanted to know how husband was readjusting to his "new family". Husband says it is odd talking to them on the phone. He is so used to being institutionalized now, and having them be his family. He misses them. He will not rest until his brothers are home. He wants them out of there.

He got another call from them this a.m. they miss him and need to talk to him about "work". I think they also like to hear husband is okay....And that means when they come home all will be okay for them too.

Husbands brother also called this a.m. from Afghanistan. He said it is finally warming up. He has been out on recon, for much of the winter there in the Mountains freezing his ass off. He is happy it is getting warmer, but says the warm tempertures bring out the bad guys.

The rest of calls are from family in other states wanting to know how "we" are doing.

I talk to my Dad everyday on the phone, he lives a lone......My Mother died almost 3 years ago. They were married for 41 years and 1 day. He is lonely, and wishes we were closer.

I talk to my Mother-in-Law everyday on the phone. She is also alone, and with 2 sons deployed....This has been a hard year for her. I have tried to keep her smiling with stories about the babies......She too is far away and misses these Grandbabies.....We made her wait 11 years for.

I also speak to husbands Grandmother almost everyday, she also lives alone. She is also the only Grandparent left for both of us. She had 3 Grandsons deployed over the past year......It was very hard on her. She had been through deployment several times over the years...So she understood what I was living. Her 3 brothers were all in service and served in WWII. Her husband also served in WWII...Normandy on D-Day....and then for almost 3 years. She has been inspirational to me.

There is also the girlfriend here in town, I talk to everyday. She too is a nurse, and a Mom to 5. She stayed here at the house and helped me labor with daughter #2, and drove me to the hospital when I was 9 cm. She filmed delivery for husband.......More importantly she held my hand through all of the tears that surrounded that very emotional delivery, that he missed.

I sit here this morning, so proud of my family and friends...How they have been of such great emotional support this year.......Even if some of it has just been over the phone.........I feel blessed this Sunday morning.


Tammi said...

I'm thrilled to hear you had (and have) such a support group. That is vital. Living down here, cut off from my friends and family on a daily basis I live and die by the phone. I talk to some daily, some weekly and some not nearly enough.

Here's hoping all of your husbands friends/family makes it home safe, sound and soon. WOW - he and his brother BOTH deployed. Holy Cow! That's one hell of a family you married into young lady!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the difficulties with the rain. The water outside the Tiger's Den DFAC, formerly Blackjack, was almost 2 feet deep in places.

The rain is never a good thing around here.

Sean Dustman said...

Thanks for the comment and the visit, ahh a blog daughter of Tammi, I'll have to add a link!