Thursday, March 10, 2005

Do you kiss your babies with that mouth?

I figure I ought to explain my penchant for foul language.........although I am not sure why. I used to be a potty mouth....I know hard to imagine. When I became pregant with son #1....(we will call him "Buzz Lightyear"), I really slowed down on the naughty language. After Buzz Lightyear was born....poof that was it. My language improved tremendously. Daughter #2 ("The Pink Ninja") was born and the no swearing rule remained.

In my head, my favorite words still linger. So I am feeling free to get my almost 4 years of no swearing out in what appears just a few days. I will go stand in the corner and drink my bourbon and coke.

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vw bug said...

LOL! My 'language' comes and goes. But since #1 Son is now repeating.everything.I.say, I have stopped cussing completely again. I don't cuss on my own blog, just doesn't seem to fit in with my stories... but you will find me cussing up a storm at We Swear. ;-) Gotta let it out somewhere.