Thursday, July 16, 2009

The accidental runner

I hate running...for those 2 people that might not know. I never liked it. I will hike and walk for days, but thanks. It has always made me feel like puking, and has made me gasp for air. No thanks I do not like either of those things.

I need to get my bike like yesterday. The Collective are swift and fast, and I have had to take up jogging, walking in order to keep up with them. No thanks.

The trail near the house is within short distance and it is a busy one. I am trying to teach the kids good bike path manners. Which means an announcements "bike to your left". Watch for dogs and scooters. If you are at a crossing, wait for Mom.

Last night while at a corner there were about 16 bikes congregated down the street. There was chatting going on, and as soon as I arrive...

I hear a 14 year old girl say to her friend "I cannot believe he said that.." Keep in mind this 14 year old girl had silver braces on her teeth...

My son told her she looked weird.


She wasn't weird looking she was a 14 year old girl who had taken the time to straighten her hair, and put lip gloss on, and was dressed very 14 year old.

I have talked to SR about his social filter endlessly. He just says the first thing that pops in his head..but I know the delicate nature of being a 14 year old. I am sure this will stick with it was said around soooo many people.

I was not sure what to say.

Do I make a big fuss in front of everyone, and apologize for his feral behavior? Which would be MORE embarrassing to a 14 year old girl, do I tell her she is lovely and my son is weird like that, or do I just keep going?

I opted for ignoring him, and lecturing him when we got home...I need a bike, so we can just keep moving...


Guard Wife said...

Oh, dear. The problem with being 14 is that, generally, you ARE weird or weird looking and you already know it which is why you straighten your hair, buff your braces & put on lip gloss (which, P.S., only draws more attention to your shiny mouth). Poor girl. And, one day soon, SR will look at such a girl and think she is lovely & probably say that out loud too which will be equally embarrassing to the 14-year-old. It's a no-win.

I need a bike too. That way, we could take the truck with bikes loaded in the back to the bike path and avoid the neighborhood kids that glom onto us every time we step out our front door.

Peter said...

Actually, handling that 14 year old would have been easy. A quiet "sorry, he just entered the "girls are icky stage".

Yeah, I would have thought of it too late, too.

M.A. said...

I'm pretty sure thats normal behavior for 14 yr olds, saying whatever comes to mind. I hate jogging too. I'm so not looking forward to when mine grow up and I have to deal with teaching them not to say the first thing on their mind! I mean, how exactly do you subtly get them to stop.

vet66 said...

It doesn't excuse SR for being typical for his age. However, I can only imagine what the other 14 year old ladies are saying about each other in the normal course of their interactions with each other.

I think SR taught her a good lesson. He isn't saying anything some of her supposed "friends" aren't saying behind her back. She will think twice before she bushwhacks someone else for her own insecurities.

SR knows tough love!