Friday, July 10, 2009


North Carolina Grammie always sends the most fun things for The Collective, this time it was kites! Beautiful big colorful kites with the longest tails I have ever seen. On the day we decided to fly them, the wind was perfect, a bit hot out but it is July.

SR managed his alone, PN sort of freaked out. While at my Father last year she had some sort of Dora kite, and Grampanio got it stuck in a tree. So as soon as I let her kite out more than 4 feet, even though we were in an open field, with a wide open sky, she was fierce about keeping it close and protecting it. Understandable. She is my packrat, she is my things kid...she is my collector.

It was a gorgeous day, and the I missed the open sky....I can never express it enough...

I am hoping my kids learn to love and appreciate what a wonderful feeling it is to see it. To see the sun rise and set..and to see the moon illuminate everything. To be able to watch the weather come in....and go out...It is home


Laura said...

I miss flying kites!!


George said...

This is one excellent example of why our eye/brain combo is better than the camera's equivalent. Still ... they had a blast, I think.