Friday, July 24, 2009

emergency brake cord

Where is the summer going?

Today PN has her kindergarten physical. Amazing...

She is my child who will not be nervous about her immunizations today, she will stick her arm out, and there will not be a tear. She is cool like that....

I cannot believe I have not blogged much this week...I am a little fried. DH has been working a lot of hours. Lots of 16 hour days, as the new fiscal year approaches, and work must be done. This is about month 2 of this schedule, not counting time overnight out of town etc....

I worry about him, and his lack of sleep and family, and last night he told me I have "been off for a month"....I probably have. I do not like single parenting for long periods of time with no reprieve. I am due for about 2-3 hours alone, I feel bad saying that...but if you are a Mom you know what I am talking about. 2 hours seems like an eternity after you single parent alone. 2 hours is like a mini vacation.

I have no idea where summer went. None of my projects got done...why? simple, the kids are not quite old enough. So as much as it bothers me that all on my list did not get done yet, all of the important things did.

I cannot find our fishing poles, and need to, a day fishing is in order. They are getting older and I suspect they would love it.

Both children learned to bike, and swim fairly decent this summer. (Swim lessons ensue next week) I will guess the swimming will improve. I am thrilled I managed that this summer. Biking and swimming , well it is how I spent my summers until I was 13 or so.

The public pool was about 6 blocks away, and we went when it opened, and left when it closed. I was brown as a bean..... But that was a different time, when you could send an 8 year old 6 blocks on a bike, and let her spend her day at the pool....

You can't do that any longer most places.

The Collective are getting tall, and today I suspect they will tell me PN is in the 95% for her age. She is a beauty certainly, and she beams and shines, and SMILES large.

When she is having fun, she announces for all to hear.."this is so much fun".....


Marc Miyake said...

DH working 16 hours, you not being alone even for two hours ... too much time, too little time ... argh! I feel for you. Single parenting is work!

"The Collective are getting tall, and today I suspect they will tell me PN is in the 95% for her age."

To see what percentile PN - and SR - are in, check out these charts:

I wonder if those stats will match whatever info she gets from her physical. (I don't remember having one in kindergarten.)

Stacy said...

It's time for a break for sure. Looks like the kids had lots of fun.

Jerry in Texas said...

Where is the summer going?

It hasn't even arrived yet! Brrrr!

XtnYoda said...

As always... love the pics!!!

Get well now ya'all... ya hear!

In our Christ,