Saturday, July 25, 2009

19, 20, 21? Has it been that long?

DH is HOME this weekend! Well at least so far, I will pray and knock on wood, and all of that to ensure the phone does not ring at 5am with some sort of emergency.

There are many reasons to LURVE facebook. (There are reasons to hate it too, but I am in no mood to talk of that nonsense at this time). OK, back to lurving facebook. DH does not have an account on facebook, nor does he want one. However, his friends keep contacting me to give him messages. So this weekend we are scheduled to go see one of his dearest friends from high school. We have not seen he and his wife in 20 years? I might be wrong, it could be longer. We went to dinner with he and his wife. They married right out of high school, and are still married. I think this makes 21 years for them. This makes them the longest married couple out of my Husbands class. Quite a feat these days. We are the second longest married couple to our knowledge. The last time I saw them both together, we had went to that dinner, as DH wanted them to meet me. I mean they knew me, we went to high school together, but I think DH wanted them to help seal the deal as it were. I recall what I wore to dinner that night. (How Jen Lancaster Pretty in Plaid of Me). I recall Clay mentioning over dinner that I reminded him of DH's Mother. This was a compliment to me as she is a beautiful, and FUN, enthusiastic person. So tomorrow we are going to his home for lunch. I currently have a lemon zested, blueberry, peach, and sour cream bundt cake in the oven. I am praying to God it is delicious, because I made up the recipe. I am trying to bake it at a 325 temp so the blueberries do not all explode. the best news is this couple has to be the NICEST, most GIVING, Christian couple we know, and they have had tremendous success. That is a comfort to me...I could not think of anyone else who deserves it. They have 2 children as well, a couple years older than our children, but a boy and girl as well. So the children should remain occupied while we catch up on 2 lost decades....

The other good fortune, is finding my good friend from high school who was so much fun, we spent so much time together. Dating farm boys, and driving around in her little t-topped mustang. We once took my car and it exploded on the highway. There were 5 girls in that little car, and we hitch hiked back to town in the back of a farmers truck. She loved loud music, and laughing. I kept in short contact with her over the years, checking in every 5 or so years, catching details from her Father when I would run into him. Last I knew she was living in Arizona, she had triplets 11 years ago, and then on her 6 month return visit to her OB, she was diagnosed with invasive female cancer. They ended up removing her reproductive organs. She questioned why in the heck she had these 3 boys at once, but in hindsight is thrilled that God planned it that way, as that was the end of any child bearing. She is divorced now, I am sure the triplets, and the cancer made things difficult. She has invited me over to catch up next week, grill, have a couple of drinks, and let the kids swim. Henry is thrilled there will be 3 boys, as it seems he is surrounded by girls far too often. I really have missed her free spirit.

That is the good thing about facebook, the people I REALLY have missed. I just cannot believe it has been so darn long ago. I can still hear those times, feel wind in my hair, recall wearing that white silk skirt with small black polka dots to dinner, I remember it all like it happened yesterday.


Stacy said...

I know just what you mean. I am so loving facebook too. I think I am obsessed with it, or at least that is what I am being told. Oh well, I guess I could be doing something much worse.

Guard Wife said...

And, look how much more in touch you are with your blogging buddies on FB? Sure, we post (some of us obsessively every day), but sometimes we wouldn't & without FB, we'd be left wondering what's up.

I have enjoyed reconnecting with family I thought I'd otherwise lost via FB. It's been a good thing overall. :)

ENJOY your weekend. Your bundt cake sounds incredible & I'm sure it will be delicious! You are an excellent cook!

My Army Brats and Me said...

It is so much fun. I think it is funny my husband can care less. Oh well:)

Sarah said...

Here's me, going into creepy mode:
I love you. And how you write. And everything about you. Sigh. You're too fantastic.
I'm always so happy that we became friends.