Friday, July 24, 2009


Had a great time at my Father's last weekend...

They insisted on celebrating my Birthday, which was actually quite nice. WE took the boat out for a ride, which was quite fun. The boat has a little speed, and we all had fun bouncing and laughing...My Father's fiancee was thoughtful, and packed a birthday luncheon for a picnic...I thought that was very nice. In fact a boat ride and picnic is a fine way to celebrate a birthday, I would do it every year if I could.

My Brother and his daughter missed the day, as well as DH...(he was working) It was a very nice weekend.

It is nice to see my Dad and his fiancee finding the way out of being widows, both suffered such terrible and tragic loss..


Marc Miyake said...

I never imagined there was so much water in Nebraska! You've mentioned it, but I had to see it to believe it!

A shame more people couldn't be there. Maybe next year?

Scott said...

What a nice trip, here is another idea to have fun on the water, enjoy!