Friday, July 31, 2009


The daughters room, she is a packrat.
She has been helpful though.

We seem to be missing some parts to a Betty Spaghetti.

She is parting with a dollhouse that is Fischer Price, a TV kareoke machine thingy, and some stuffed animals.

I will take downsizing where I can get it.

SR room is next. He needs shelves in his room.

All is well....

My Father is coming tomorrow with his fiancee. I should get some pork chops or steak out for the grill. also note, need potatoes! I wanted to put corn up this weekend, but am in no mood for it.

If the kids are helpful with chores today I promised to take them swimming.

Hope your day is a blessed one...

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vet66 said...

Our nieces and their hubbies are gone, the pool is calm, and the fingerprints have been cleaned off every surface.

It is too quiet around here...until next time!