Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project day

Managed to get some rather small projects done today.

Cleaned out the fridge in the basement and stocked it.

Cleaned basement bathroom.

Started going through the basement storage room...oye.

Mostly caught up day to day laundry, washed some linens.

Made blueberry muffins for the kids.

Filled out all of PN's paperwork.

Tomorrow i have a lot of running to do.

Must go to the Dentist, and get paperwork filled out, they said they sent it, and did not. Go pick up a copy of complete immunization record on PN?. Take all of the kindergarten paperwork, including Borth Certificate to school. She is soooooo excited to start.

Pick up some canning jars I found on facebook for 3$! WOOT! They are Kerr, I am thrilled.

Swim lessons, and then dinner and a couple of drinks at a friends house. We were going to let the kids swim over there, but it is cold, and rainy it seems....


BBB said...

gunna make!!

homemade cookies!
oatmeal raisin

Guard Wife said...

Busy, busy, busy! What a great deal on those jars! I would be thrilled too!