Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some things piss me off...

like this...

and THIS

piss poor planning.

here is the video

I am not amused. Locking family out of a going away event?

to my Brother In Law headed out...

Prayers daily, we are proud of you.


Linda said...

It seems mean to say it, but they should only have allowed immediate family in first...if, and ONLY IF there were extra seats, then others could have been allowed.

A big HOOOAH to those Soldiers who stood by their Families, and to those who walked off.

Remember the capital f in Family...that's supposed to MEAN something...that Family is priority..a Soldier and his Family.

Guard Wife said...

This is my life in a nutshell. Always jostled aside so family we never hear from & people who don't even know us can suddenly take an interest in my husband's leaving.

It's so stupid. How can they act like they have NEVER planned one of these things? How do you NOT anticipate lots of people showing up. It's terrific that the community wants to send off the troops; the Guard should have been prepared for that...OR, make this a private event for close/immediate family only. Period. You can't open things up & then act surprised when sending off tons of people overloads the capacity for fire code. Idiotic.

I think we both know how this would have gone if this had been this girl and her children? Um, yeah. So thankful we get one phone call!!

Anonymous said...

This is my husband's brigade; the brigade he isn't able to serve with this tour due to injuries from a training exercise. There is soooo much more that has gone on with some of these guys and gals. This isn't the first time this brigade has planned poorly and caused grief for families. I'm with Guard Wife on this one...I told my husband had we been a part of it, there would be a serious uproar and he wouldn't be able to get off the green ramp fast enough.

We wished many of his fellow Soldiers well via phone calls when they came home for their brief pass and we'll support standing strong on the home front.

We'll miss them terribly and pray for a safe return.