Sunday, April 05, 2009

The case of the flat size 12 1/2 Easter shoes solved.

Easter shoes obtained. They are not exactly what I was hoping for, but whatever...done. Sometimes it is about getting things done. We were looking for white, and ended up with pink. Pink Ninja has a size 12/12 shoe, she has big feet.

We also decided to go out for lunch today after church, and went to Culver's because it is SR favorite restaurant. I ordered fried chicken, because I have not had any in a long time. I also ordered onion rings...I needed neither, but whatever.

We have had difficulty finding any place to eat here. Seriously.

We normally go out to eat one meal a week, sometimes 1 meal every 2 weeks depending how frugal, or exhausted I am feeling.

So far service everywhere has been fantastic, but the food is either not that great, or not what I had heard from others. Do people care if the food is actually good when they go out? I keep hearing people rave on about food, only to show up excited, and leave sort of disappointed.

We have found one excellent Mexican restaurant, which is actually in the back of a grocery store, the food is delicious. Lincoln used to have great Vietnamese places, but the last 2 I walked in smelled so bad, and had flies, we left promptly.
There is supposedly a good Thai place downtown, I have heard rave reviews, but then again I have been going to recommended restaurants since we returned, and only have a handful of places I would return to. We went to a new Indian place in town, and the food was actually almost Pakastani, spicier than normal Indian food which did not bother me, but the prices were high for what was served, and we were sat right by the door on a COLD and WINDY day, we about got blown out of there, and it made for horrid dining.

So I continue to look for wonderful food here. My Husband says there is an Iraqi restaurant that is quite good, I have eaten their food, and it is tasty, but only at catered events.

OK I am off to vacuum, and dust, and CLEAN toilets! The Collective are busy cleaning as well, the money per core thing is working out wonderfully. And I note they are more likely to do more if I pay for each task. A nickle for this, a dime for that, a quarter for the other. Free enterprise works. SR even cleaned his Sisters room to get her money, because she did not want any money....she changed her mond, and is nw cleaning a bathroom with VIGOR.

I am tired of pee, and fart, and toot jokes. Seriously.


Journey said...

Great looking eggs you got there.

I was wondering if the sight below might help with restaurant options?
Let me know:

Good luck & happy easter!

Chuck said...

Iraqi rice--quite yummy. (I actually miss this) Serve with very-flat bread (like for wraps) and broiled/grilled chicken. Wrap has chicken bits and rice--serve as finger food and the kids will love it!

1 quart water
1 tablespoon rose water (optional)and;
1 pinch saffron
4 Tbs vegetable oil
2 C. basmati long-grain rice (Lal Qilla Basmati rice, an Indian brand is available worldwide.)
1 tsp salt
2 Tbs vegetable oil
1/4 cup raw, unsalted, slivered almonds
1/3 cup golden yellow or dark cooking raisins

In a large saucepan, mix the water with the saffron, salt and 4 tablespoons of oil. Bring to a boil on high heat. Add the rice. Return to a boil, and then lower to a medium heat. Let cook uncovered until most of the water has been absorbed. Stir from the bottom up, lower heat to simmer, cover, and let simmer for 15 minutes until rice is cooked. Meanwhile, heat the two tablespoons of remaining oil in a small pan. Fry the almonds until slightly brown. Add the raisins, stirring for a few seconds until fluffy. Remove from heat. Serve the rice on a platter, garnished with the almond-raisin mixture.
Optional; mix in two scrambled eggs and sprinkle with chopped green bell pepper.
4 servings

Size 12 shoes said...

Hi Chuck. Thanks for posting the recipe. I was looking for something else and gladly got the recipe over here. It's amazing.