Wednesday, April 08, 2009

drama island...

I am just wondering if I am biased, but I am going to ask people a question...

We all know people that like drama. What I mean by drama, is not real drama either, it is drama that seems to be made drama.

Does anyone think this is a generational issue?

I am becoming more zen like in my drama is good.

I do not like every conversation I have to be a dramatic one.


Allison said...

I don't think it's a generational issue as much as an age issue. People love drama until they get burned badly. So older people get the more likely they've learned the unappealing side of drama.

Unknown said...

It is very much a generational issue--when we move into the 'mature' generation, we get over it. The 'younger' generation seems enthralled with all the manufactured drama & it starts very early and, sadly, for some clings for AGES.

I used to listen to all the dramatic (and ridiculous) stories my students told regarding their absences, missed work, etc. and finally I'd had it.

I remember telling one student, "Don't come to my office, reeking of cigarettes and stale beer and try to convince me there is any other reason for your failure to perform than you being out 'til all hours. You do not have problems. I have a student taking chemo now who gets up on time and turns in her work...another whose mom just dropped dead and who may have to go home to raise her younger siblings...and I, myself, have a child, a mortgage, two car payments and a bad case of morning sickness and YET...I'm here and functioning. Go home. Sleep it off. Then, have a heart to heart with yourself about whether or not you're equipped to do this."

In other words...GET OVER YOURSELF.

LeeAnn said...

Youth IS drama, seems like. Every decision is THE life-changing one. Every word is fraught with hidden meaning. Every look received is either an accusation or envy.
It seems like hormones are both culprit and cure... they fuel the drama and juice up the system so the drama can be processed.
Yeah, not medically substantiated, but it has closure. :)

M.A. said...

I have to agree with Allison. I don't see it as generational but instead one of age. Of course, I have met those people that seem to thrive on drama no matter what age they are. I guess ultimaely it wasn't too long ago that I was all about drama until I got burned too. But I have no need for it in my life now! It's crazy enough as it is!

Marc Miyake said...

I see a correlation between the increasing 'drama' I see around me and the rise of 'entertaiment' based on 'issues': e.g., tabloid talk shows. But of course correlation is not causation.

Get me off Drama Island!

"Serenity now!"