Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to normal....

I am feeling 100% better.

the kids and I have already been out in the garden.

We managed to trim most of the dead crap away on 2 levels. There was so much brush we have an entire trash can full, and a BIG pile, which I have no clue what we will do with.
And there is more. I went around and pruned the river birch, as I kept getting tangled in them.

DH started a rhubarb patch last night, with PN. I am hoping it takes, if not, my Father will have to bring down some for me to transplant, along with some asparagus.

I am thankful The Collective were so helpful this afternoon, otherwise picking up all of the piles of dead stuff would have taken me hours. No JOKE. they have earned their dinner tonight for sure. There is still some trimming left.....

It was 39 degrees this morning, and is now 70 at least....I am sweating!

Thank you to Grandma for sending gardening gloves for me and the little fuzzers!! They were nice to have!

My Brother in Law is now in Iraq, with his unit.....pray for them all...


Guard Wife said...

The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend so I will find myself in the yard as well. Of course, the schedule has been changed so I will be there by myself, but what else is new?!

I went to bed with a headache last night and have a dull foreshadowing pain in the same spot so I suspect another one (or the same one!?) is lurking.

Take it easy & try to rest some more. You need to, you know!

Retired Navy CPO said...

Wanna come help me?