Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuck to my guns...

I decided to stick to my guns, and went to bed early although I was not tired. I turned on Top Hat, so I could fall asleep. It must have worked.

I slept, and then was plagued with weird dreams all night about vacationing in Memphis, PN kept wandering off scaring me to bits.

I woke at 3, chilly. I am now sleeping with the heat off, and the windows open. I was chilled. Slept off and on from 3-5.

It seems I do that, and then go back into a deep sleep from 5-6 and then do not want to wake....

Headed to work, a WILD day ahead, as we have changed software, and today is the LIVE date for the change over. CRAP. Should be a flustercluck.

*Just checked the temps, no wonder I was chilled, it was 39 degrees this morning.

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M.A. said...

I tend to be an night owl and not go to sleep until two, but once I do I'm dead to the world for eight hours. I can't imagine how disruptive it must be to wake up on and off. What's Top Hat?