Saturday, April 04, 2009

Laundry list...

PN haircut X

grocery store X

Spring Shoes for PN (could not find any shoe for a 5 year old, with a closed toe, WITHOUT a HEEL)

Easter clothes for SR (there was nothing cute for boys anywhere, enough with the skulls)

dye eggs (in process)

clean my house (uhhhhh?)

wash linens (uhhhh?)

do laundry (hey, I am working on it)

pay bills X (done, but made me grumpy)

mail them (will do after church in the morning)

*I am also making homemade pizza tonight, well except for the crust, HY-Vee, had the little store brand bags of them for 39 cents. I tried it last week, and it was not bad at all, this is a good way to get everyone to eat veggies...


also a blizzard is supposed to be headed this way. Right now the wind is gusting about 45 mph...


liberal army wife said...

The shoe thing drives me insane! except for trainers/sneakers there is NOTHING I would buy for my granddaughter - open toes and heels? she's THREE! The only ones I have found are the very expensive ones at StrideRite, and even there - heels! do they WANT our children to have bad backs, bad feet and all before they are 10?


Marc Miyake said...

I'm surprised by the heels for little girls, but I shouldn't be, given our Bratz culture. Ugh!

I don't understand the need for heels, period.

Will people look back and think of them as the Western equivalent of bound feet? No comparison, I know, but still ... aesthetics over practicality.