Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Or just another tease?

I hope not, last weekend we had horrific winds, and COLD, and snow and sleet.

Ick, I am done with this. Winter has been cold. I WANT SUN.

The past two days have been lovely, until the sun goes down. I feel as if I am in the desert.

The past two days have been so lovely though, after school I have taken the kids to the park to play, today it was so AWESOME we had no coats! So strange after wearing boots, wool socks, hats, scarves, and what not through the winter.

The collective need sun, and fresh air.

I need the house power washed, check the gutters, clean out the back flower beds, pull weeds which seemed to thrive in the snow...figures.

I want to try and get a small garden ready. I also have to re-mulch a ton, as the wind has blown away all of the current mulch. Let me say we need a lot of mulch. A lot. I also want to build The Collective a sandbox.

Spring overwhelms me, it always does, the lists go on for days, and days.

It does not help things when Winter seems to last from October-May. That is over half a year for those of you keeping track.

I used to love winters, and maybe I can learne to again, but right now....well...

I want SUN.

In good news SR gets to open a savings account at the bank tomorrow. He never spends his $$$. He wants a Nintendo, and I told him i would not buy it. He must do this himself.

He did manage an almost perfect report card today, and the report from his Mentors were outstanding. Today he started learning about Aristotle, he was excited. I also got several of his projects he has been working on at school. He has been writing research reports on animals, songs, poems, and stories....

My Sissy is here visiting and is going to go to school with PN tomorrow. This should be fun!!


Ma Content said...

Speaking of spring...I DO seem to have some plants popping up where I planted your bulbs last year! I post pictures when they bloom.

Marc Miyake said...

SR loves money, so I imagine he'll enjoy managing his bank account.

Aristotle and research reports? SR is so far ahead of the rest of us, including some of us adults.

Seems like your sister was just here. Does she live nearby? Are other kids bringing their relatives to PN's school?