Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And today was better...

except for the pharmaceutical rep who said..."well you are Valerie Bertinelli's age" I am not.

Sweet Mother Of Jesus.

While I will say congratulations to Ms. Bertonelli, I will also add that if someone paid me that sort of change, I could be in a bikini too...(any takers? cash only...)

I am just sic of seeing her before and after everywhere I turn around, and I live in a world with very little pop culture.

Yesterday sucked, it was a SR issue. I am not going into details here, he was naughty, and should know better...ughhhh. Consequences have been dealt, and etc etc etc. I did want to poke forks into my eyes from 3-6 yesterday. I managed a bath, and a small drink, and did nothing but over think. Which just seems to leave me spinning.

Work is work, and I wish I could blog about it...maybe soon.

PN now has a bad cold. Yeah I am serious. The petrie dish of filth which is making her immune system work overtime.

I will add here, I am tired of the cold, and WIND. I am ready for sun, and fresh air. I am about as cabin fevered as I have been in years. I want flowers, and sunshine. The birds know it is coming, and I hear them all morning.

Tonights dinner? Hamburgers on the grill, with onions, and mushrooms.

I am not really hungry at all...

If I could pick a them song for the day it would be this...

And while I am escaping...if I were Emma Peel I would love this pink top!


Anonymous said...

Valerie was photoshopped BIG TIME on that cover. You can see massive ripples and feathering on her legs and stomach....


Still, she looked good.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

that pink top is called a turtleneck shell... Lands End used to have the BEST and most beautiful... but then they stopped offering them (sigh... never fails.)

as for SR... three steps forward, one step back. we all finish the journey, but some paths are more circular than others. hang tuff, mama. some day (soon) you will look back and laff (ok, maybe not... but you will look back). xxxooo missin' you. (sunny & warm here hehehehe a little wind... come visit!!)

Guard Wife said...

Girl, you could have had my day...all set to quit and no one to tell. Yep. You heard that right. Person I could tell was out, but I didn't know until after the OTHER person I could tell had left for the day. Dang. Oh, well, tomorrow is IT!!!!!!!

I miss you.

You are a terrific mom and a terrific woman & nowhere NEAR Valerie Bertinelli's age. Period. You don't even look it, but then again, SHE doesn't look her age either.

I want to head West this weekend rather than East...maybe soon??

Journey said...

I have 3 things to share/say:
1) For the love of Henry, stop sending us your cold and wind - I'm sick of it!

2) Ditto on what Soldier's Mom said

3) I wish I had the time for culture. I don't even have time for the yogurt variety. But when I get cabin fever real bad & before I use forks on eyes I take a mini-virtual vacation to Here

and here:

Hope it entertains a bit! Thanks for the visit and it was good reading you. Gosh I can't believe how PN & SR have grown.

Denny said...

You do look good in pajamas. You know you'll never live that down.