Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years resolutions...

Of course I am making them.

#1) Make it to church weekly

#2) Return books to the library on time (this was not a problem at the last library, they let me return things WHENEVER)

#3) Learn to use the sewing machine. I would like like to make Pink Ninja doll clothing, and I would like to learn how to machine quilt.

#4) Learn to knit. The crocheting, has been great fun for me.

#5) Do not gain weight during hibernation season, get the family a YMCA membership, and start doing yoga again.

#6) Get thank you notes out on TIME. This is just good manners.

#7) Cook one new recipe a week for dinner.

#8) Eat out only for special holidays, or as a treat, do not eat in a restaraunt that makes what I can prepare better, it only leads to disappointment.

#9) Refocus our 10 year plan.....


Annie said...

you need a netflix for books? :)

And knitting is soooo much more fun than crocheting (for me). While I admit there's less three dimensional freedom, I like that it's super easy to figure out where the next stitch goes without looking at my work.

Good luck with all your goals!

Anonymous said...

Hi -- for that new meal idea -- I learned about The Scramble ( from a single Mom of two. There are samples on the website to see if it would work for you...also have a book called The Six O'Clock Scramble I found in our library ... a preview can be found on Google books.( I sadly remember those spinning in circle days when my kids were younger.

With warm regard from an occasional reader -- Tammi keeps sending me over. *grin* ~cin