Friday, January 02, 2009

intelligent design.

As I age, it seems my PMS gets worse. TMI, I know. But it seems as though I am anxious, and grouchy for longer.

I think it might just be purely biological at this point.

I mean I am 38. I am in no physical presence for new babies a this time in my life. I think this is by design and genius. I mean, what better natural birth control than grouchiness? God was a genius.


Tracy S said...

heh. I never thought of it that way! Totally right though. I'm 35 and I find that to be true also. My patience with the kids is not as high as it was when they were newborns either. I remember thinking to myself the other day~"what happened to that woman who crooned to her newborn at 2 am not grouchy at all, even though the newborn was screaming because he was hungry but wouldn't latch on to eat?" Yeah, I was 26 then!!

God IS a genius!

vet66 said...

Just watched a segment on FOX News about women who breast feed their child who happens to be 6 years old. Now that takes patience.

You might be running a little short of estrogen as you stumble into the menopausal years. Hopefully, Premarin is your friend in small doses.

FbL said...

Ditto. Unfortunately, it also seems to make me more cotton-headed than it used to. :P

Anonymous said...

Go on Yaz. I'm 38 too and it worked wonders.