Saturday, January 10, 2009


We bought SR a balaklava in Washing DC at LL Bean. He wore it to school the other day, and when I picked him up, he did not have it.

The teacher and I went in to find it, and it is gone.

darn it.

Also everyone at work has been ill. And now I think I am sick too.

Crap, I was lysoling EVERYTHING.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the teacher could send home a note with the other students. I've done that before when something has gone missing, and it has been returned.

Guard Wife said...

When I read this, I read "baklava" instead of the other...I thought, "Why in the heck is SR 'wearing' baklava?"

I must be hungry!

Definitely have teacher send a note home with the kids. It sometimes works. :)

joyce said...

I love baklava, too. I can't imagine wearing it except on my shirt if I missed my mouth. What is a baklava? Is it an item of clothing you can print their name on?

Marc Miyake said...

I too was wondering how SR could "wear" baklava! Not that I knew exactly what sort of food that was. I don't think many people in Hawaii eat baklava, or wear bacalava. But we've sure got a lot of lava ...

I hate losing stuff. I still miss the black jacket I left at a lecture in the school auditorium around 1987. And the glove I left behind at the WTC in 1995.

And now I think I am sick too.

Feeling better now?