Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where is my raft and my wilson?

My life and schedule have changed, and oh how I miss my Wilson. I do.

In less than interesting news "I will not blog about work, I will not blog about work, I will not blog about work." But frankly it is killing me to have to keep my mouth shut. I will say that since I do not watch tv, and read the latest best sellers", I am appearing as though I live under a rock, which I do.

The above clip is what I feel like at work.


I personal news, I have not yet had to wear the same outfit twice, which is something, as I do not have a lot of clothing. I am expert at mixing. (All of that thrifty living has taught me something! I do need to pick up my back boots this Thursday. I had to take them in to a"Ollies boot shop", to get reheeled. I walk on my heels, which plays havoc with shoes, and boots.

My hair looks great in the morning, but by noon, it looks like I have been rolling in the hay. Poor fine, thin, and naturally curly hair.

I have decided I need one of those jewelry armoires, so I do not have to untangle things every single time I want to wear something. It has been fun wearing necklaces etc. I have noted with all of that time on the phone, earrings are not a good idea.

Nothing exciting, I told you. Things are moving. I get my second paycheck this week! How thrilling.


Stacy said...

LOL...Welcome back to the working world. Hopefully it will get better for you.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Auntie Mame.

Sarah said...

Funny clip.
I dare you to answer the phone with a "Gracious, good afternoon"...