Saturday, January 10, 2009

It only takes 20 minutes to get them dressed.

It is nice enough to send The Collective out of doors. It was a no go until the wind stopped blowing 46 mph.

I reminded them both to use the restroom prior to getting dressed, because getting dressed and undressed is an ordeal. By the time I locate all pieces of winter items, then it is dress time. PN is easy peasy. SR is an oversensative type, the smallest of things, will make him "done"...seams of his clothing , anything too snug, too loose, etc. So it takes a bit longer to make sure he is "ready"...(It is better than it used to be, there was a time I had to remove all of his tags from his clothing, we do not have to do that any longer. ) Frankly we are thrilled he will deal with layers of clothing at this point. That is progress.

PN loves to be outside, it does not matter what season it is, but she really can tolerate the cold. I have seen her throw 3 snowballs at her brother already.


Marc Miyake said...

They look so cute in their astronaut suits! PN seems to stand for Purple Ninja today.

Haven't seen that much snow in NJ since I moved here four years ago. Nice to see; not so nice when I had to walk through it to get to work.

I wonder how my father dealt with it when he went to university in Nebraska. Quite a change from Hawaii, though his undergrad years in Washington probably helped.

MSG Keith said...

you've been tagged....