Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This darn crocheting, well as addictive at it is...might drive me insane before the day is through.

You see no one taught me, I taught myself.

the purple blanket I am trying to make PN. Ughh I have had to pull it out so often now that I am insane...

I was trying to do a simple "ripple" pattern...


I thought it looked easy as pie, but I keep making a mistake someplace. If I could figure it out I would be good.

I have tried reading the darn pattern, and watching a you tube video. (That is not working)

I might be done with the darn blanket by Christmas.

There are so few hours in the day right now, that it is driving me nutzo.

I am going to finish another throw I have going right now, and then go back to this purple blanket.

I need to pick up 3 more skeins of yarn to do so I think... We will see.

I must get some coffee in my body, and get The collective ready for school. No easy task as SR had a 4 day weekend. PN, well she wants to go to work with her Dad....but today is "C" day at school and she gets to wear a cap. that might be enough motivation for her to go!

In other news I tried getting black lined pants the other day at Younkers. There were none to be had. I seriously thought this was a simple request. They had none. I forget the shopping here is not exactly "exotic". Yes I think black lined slacks are a basic, but I guess not.

I am in no mood to shop, especially with children in tow, I just want to go in and get a pair of slacks and leave. The thrill of the "hunt", is not exciting to me at all.

There is a ball at the end of the coming month, and I am unsure if we will go or not. DH and I do not seem excited at the idea......

We will see.

Oh and I did not fix the fireplace, so today I am going to call the fireplace guy, and get him here. I wonder how much a new fan will run. I also guess the battery was the back up for the fireplace, in case there is an outage, and has nothing to do with the fan. Who knew?


Guard Wife said...

I would think black lined pants are kind of a must have. Black pants are truly a basic, but in your state, I would think lining in most everything would be a good idea! Brrr!

They say we will hit 40 tomorrow. I'm excited. It's something like 19 here now & that felt warmer than it has been. So sad!

Our week is flying by too. M1's basketball schedule is out of control with practice last night, a game tonight, practice Friday and a game Saturday. Holy moly!

Between work and the adoption stuff, I'm wiped! And, my house looks strangely like it did BEFORE I started it possible I have to start from scratch this weekend again? Who keeps messing it up since we are never home!?

Anonymous said...

"C" day? "C" for cap?

As for another "C" ... have you asked Sarah for help with crocheting?

Mrs. Mootz said...

I've tried to crochet and I'm hopeless at it. One year I tried to make my mom a scarf for Christmas and I was so bad at crocheting that she got a lovely crocheted washcloth. Good luck with your crocheting! I hope you have better luck than me.

Allison said...

You are going to be an expert on fireplaces before long!

The last time I crocheted, I tried to make a hat and ended up with... I don't know what you'd call it but it wasn't a hat. Good luck, I'm sure the end result will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Take heart! I taught myself to crochet many years ago, and I've even made tablecloths ;)

Ma Content said...

If you want to make yourself even more nuts, make flower girl dresses...out of satin. Thank goodness this is my last child to get married!!