Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and a whiskey mouth....

OK dokey, I am boiling water for pasta, just walked in the door, it seems as though PN Left ear...not an infection. Her tube (which was placed in her ear at 18 months, that they told me was gone...was not). It seems as though her tube in her left er was acting as a unitise, for wax...So they irrigated her left ear, and yuck...lots of wax, it also seems as though she has dermatitis from washing her hads a million times a day. so we got cream for that.

Looks like I got my ass handed to me in diarist catagory, I am 5th. But then again I write about ear wax.

Yay go.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

and you write about it better than anyone else, my dear. it does not take pictures of scantily-clad diarists and bad language to prove how well you keep the diary. you are the best in my book, adub. (and your BF said you can put up pictures of you scantily clad any time hehehehehe. dirty old man is not an understatement. ignore him!) :-D

Guard Wife said...

When M2's first tube came out it was accompanied by plenty of wax. Ick. So sorry they had to irrigate her ear. That always seems like it would be painful just to think about!

We had pasta tonight too!! :)

You are my favorite diarist. Definitely not 5th.

Who knows? Maybe if you start hanging out at bars, wearing skimpy clothes AND have some kind of come apart mentally/physically or otherwise, YOU could really take it all next year.

Sarah said...

But why we love you is because you say things like those last two lines in this post. You're a humble self-absorbed blogger, heh. And I've never read anyone else in the running and don't really care to. You're the only diarist for me.

Sarah said...

P.S. I totally think you need to make a widget that says "Fifth place out of ten!", because that would be teh hilarious.