Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am home from work, and I seemed to have a little "umph", so I decided to clean the sliding glass doors, the tele, and fireplace. And as I was cleaning the fireplace, I decided to take it apart, and clean it. (Who thought a gas fireplace would need cleaning?

I only hope I remember how to put it back together now. (Way to irritate a spouse #4, he is not here, and I thought I would have it together before he returned)...

However I noted where I need 2 D batteries. They must run the darn fan in the thing, which would explain why the fan was not working. It has been a mystery to me. I think I might have figured it out. At first I thought this was ridiculous, and then I thought, well if the electricity goes out, it would make perfect sense to have a gas fireplace with a battery run fan...

Who knows? I will see if replacing the batteries helps.

The Collectives bathroom is next on the list, and I will enlist help. It seems as though I can clean in there everyday, and there is ALWAYS toothpaste somewhere....

I have a few things that need to go in the basement, and will also enlist help with that.

DH is hungry for my chicken curry, and I am not in the mood for it. I will make this in the next couple of weeks for him.

DH is gone for a few days coming up, and The Collective are requesting to see Coraline, or Hotel for Dogs. I will check and see.

School conferences are coming up for SR.

Also for those of you interested in sponsoring a school aged child to attend school in Pakistan, there are still plenty of children that need sponsoring. It is only 13 a month for 10 months. What a great lesson for the entire family. I have had 4 readers sponsor children!! You guys are awesome, seriously you impress me at every turn.....

leave your email in the comments, or e-mail me and I will get you in contact with the church.



Guard Wife said...

I will make you a deal.

Because we sponsor a child in Ethiopia & we're currently trying to adopt, I'm going to hold off on 'adopting' a child with your program--for now!

BUT, I will post about this & provide the link and challenge some readers on my blog to take you up on your offer. What a great idea & it's not expensive by any means. :)

Annie said...

aw, you've made me wistful for my DH's curry... ;)

Good luck with the bathroom!

Aimee said...

I'd like to sponsor a child. aimeefogg@yahoo.com