Friday, January 09, 2009


I picked up SR from school the other day, in a blazer, and slacks, no jacket.

It was 30 degrees. Now I promise I would not have wanted to stand there all day, and there was no WIND. The no wind thing, makes a huge difference.

DH thinks it is hilarious, that I think 30 is balmy now.

17 below is not balmy and that is what is supposed to happen this week.

I picked up my boots yesterday! Reheeled! I noted a lot of shoes on the shelves, I did not realize so many folks had things repaired instead of replacing them. I also only had my check card at the time, and they only take cash or check. They actually let me take the boots, and told me to mail them a check? I was all prepared to go to an ATM, or something. I thought that was very NICE! So if you are in Lincoln and need shoes repaired, go to OLE's boot and shoe repair.

Anywho, since I got my boots back I can wear a skirt today. I still need a nice pair of lined black slacks. Must continue to look on clearance racks to find a nice pair. I gave my last pair away, because I thought I would never fit in them again. (I would have)

I am thrilled it is Friday, but not thrilled that DH has been working late nights this week, and must work the weekend.

I need to take my tree down like yesterday, but it will happen this weekend.

Never give away black pants, especially very nice lined ones. It will haunt you later.


Marc Miyake said...

Wind does indeed make a difference. I've been able to last for a few minutes without my jacket in 30 degree weather here without any wind, but I needed what I call my "astronaut suit" to walk around the Windy City at the same temperature.

The way things are going, more folks will favor repair over replacement.

Nice that they trusted you enough to allow you to mail them a check!

Guard Wife said...

I saw a news story the other day where repair shops (including cobblers) are doing a booming business b/c people are repairing rather than replacing.

Check out for your pants. They are having a gigantic clearance sale & their pants are really nice and they last a long time. Classic black, lined pants, they do well.

BostonMaggie said...

30 is balmy if there's no wind.....I'm not saying I'm going swimming or anything.....but I have a sweatshirt on and it's 27.

Okay, the word verification thing? It's "remahk" just like someone was poking fun at the "remark" I am leaving here, lol.