Saturday, June 02, 2007

Who says I do not have Mad Skillz...

The Collective can now make phart noises with their little mouths blowing into the palm of their hands.

I am sure this decision will be regrettable by morning, but frankly the "bad, half efforted" faux pharts were not up to mustard.

If you are going to make a faux phart, at least do it properly. At leas that is my motto.

I am noting however there is a trend of these "faux pharts" belonging to me...


In other news, I spent a large part of the early afternoon out of doors.

Reader: "well why AWTM, you have plenty to do inside the Casa De Dust to keep you busy for months?"

AWTM: "Reader, you are exactly right, I do have plenty here inside the house, but I was tiring of the effort, it was starting to feel like I was on a treadmill."

Reader: "Well if you would actually do some work, instead of procrastinating, or blogging, you might be done already."

AWTM: "I think it is better for me to have some sort of immediate pay off today. There were trees to trim, and about 1 months weeds to pull out of of the 4,000 square foot flower garden."

Reader: "Well that is what happens when you are gone."

AWTM: "Thanks for the reminder. Amazing how big weeds can get, without miracle grow. Poke weeds up to my hips."

Reader: "So the outside of the house was looking almost as shitty as the inside."

AWTM: "screw you, I had peumonia, when I left."

Reader: "So did you at least get the weeds pulled?"

AWTM: "4,000 square feet of flower beds, while managing The Collective?"

REader: "Yeah?"

AWTM: "No."

Reader: "Well frankly we do no not really want to hear you complaining for a month about unpacking and doing laundry AGAIN, that is SOOOOO boring."

AWTM: "Well Reader, it is not ust unpacking, there is stuff that I need to do WHILE unpacking. After all it is summer, we had to take the root beer float break today."

Reader: "Oh, that odes sound delicious, I haven't had one of those in a long time."

AWTM: "Well here is a 7$ go to the store and fix yourself up, you can have a weeks worth of rootbeer for 7$.

Reader: "7$ won't go far here, can I have a $10?"

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Susan said...


Sad as it is, it sounds like you are describing my house and I haven't been anywhere.

I've learned it's not going anywhere not to mention no one else will touch it and if someone rings the door bell, grab the kid and the dog and hide out in the back bedroom until they leave.

Welcome home!