Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now for something completely different....

The worst summer job ever?

Well heck it is almost a toss up. I mean, I have had, a lot of jobs.

My reasoning with job hopping when I was young (I started working full time at age 15), anyway if I hated a job, I would just end it. I watched both of my folks HATE they're jobs. My Mom, not so much, but my DAD...oh how he loathed his job. When I was 16 I sort of thought. "What a responsible guy to keep a job he has hated for 30 years.". Well Dad retired this year after 43 years with the "same" company. And I thought, what a fool for wasting his time with a job he hated so much. 43 years of "gotta get up and go to this job I hate". Frankly, looking back, I am not sure why he stayed there. It was certainly not the money. God knows it was not the money. It was not advacement. He ran the same machine for years, with no advancement. The hours sucked, he missed holidays, lots of holidays. Heck, after my Mother died, he was at work the following Friday. She died on a Wednesday. We could never ask him about work. Well you could, but he would be so pissed off at the simple "how was work?". His entire mood would change. I learned quickly that you just did not ask.

"The man is keeping me down." sort of thing.

I have gone over and over it in my head. Why in the hell, he did not advance in the company, why he was so antagonistic with management, why?

It makes no sense to me. the older I get, the stranger I find it.

Like I said when I was 16 I found it "almost heroic, that he would "martyr himslef, for the family", by going to this shitty job. But I do not see it that way any longer.

I see it as cowardice, fear of failure, and laziness.

There I said it.

43 years of loathing the place you spend about 10 hours a day?

No wonder he has heart problems.

My worst summer job? I almost forget the question.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from fear and laziness I would also add that many people stay in soul robbing situations because they don't feel good enough about themselves to seek something better. For them it's easier to blame and hate the world for their lot in life.

I'm glad that you followed your own path!