Friday, June 15, 2007

Door #3

With some gentle prodding by DH I have decded to go with the pedicure....

What the heck.

So I am actually sitting in the spa, with my feet soaking, and yes all while typing.

A live pedicure of sorts...

I have no idea what they are saying, Vietnamese, I am sure.

I am afraid they are talking about how nasty my feet are right now.

I did try and offer a precurser to the pedicure....

explaining that I have been in the yard.

I am certain they think I am simply dirty and lazy.

The lady next to me is reading a People magazine, pictures of Denise Richards in a binkin, and Paris Hilton in some stripped jailhouse costume.

ICK, I won't look at that again.

Oh my I have a man doing my feet.

I thought for sure I would get the female.

I would explain the icky feet thing once again, but I do not think he cares.

I do not have callouses or corns on my there is that.

I am tempted to spin my Macbbok around and take a photo of my feet soaking, and this strange man, rubbing my right foot.

Although some foot wacko might come to the sight and like it....all too much. Before you know it there will be all sorts of special requests for more feet photos.

Did I mention I have Mortons toe?

yeah, that is when your second toe is longer than your big looks gross, and makes me self concsience when wearing open toes. I guess it freaks some people out to see it.

Hey I just realized this is the same guy, that when i came in one time for a simple manicure, he started clipping my "real" nails off. He thought I wanted fake nails.

I hope he doesn't start clipping my toes off.....


The lady next to me was treated to a chesse grating session for minutes. It looked horrible and I just kept thinking, ouch....I do not want that or need that.....ouch. Not relaxing having foot skin removed with a cheese grater...

:He was amazed at my baby feet, no cheese grating required.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a pedicure, but I have the world's most ticklish feet. I'd come unglud and probably kick somebody. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Er, ungluEd, that is.