Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am officially CRAZY, and tomorrow I will be officailly SORE

I am CRAZY, though we all knew that.

I picked up $10 of sand at the sand pit...unlike most stuff these days, when buying sand you get your moneys worth.

Drove my truck through downtown Little Rock nose up.

Holy Crap, that is a lot of sand.

My Father has advised me to make several small trips, as wheel barrows are not known for stability. He said he can hear me cussing all of the way back home after dumping 10 or so loads. He also reminded e there is no reason to kill myself... And I am sure to be in need of Epsom salts, and ben gay for days following this little misadventure.

I have pictures, but am sans cable...STILL I will look into replacing it tonight, while i lick my wounds.

Looks as though I will not need to go to the gym, as I am "working out" the old fashioned" way.

I am sure to be able to enter myself in a cage match after this little stint.

10$ of sand, is a lot of sand.....

And for the next 3 days you will have to hear me piss and moan about it.

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Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with all that sand?