Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When is it ok to throw in the towel?


This post should start with me cursing a lot, because I want to.....

Or just crying. But frankly I am too pissed off for that.

This morning, while it was cool, I finished unloading yesterdays sand. In my optimism and fresh state, I went and got, yes that is right nother truckload of sand.

Let me add here, that sand in a truck bed, looks like more sand than when you hae to spread it out, and try to create a level surface.

Anyway, like a jackass I unloaded the entire second truckbed of sand.

It is still not enough.

I really wanted the pool in the shade for The Collective, so I could read and lounge in my hammock in the shade, while they laughed and splashed and played lovingly like the script in my head says they should do.

I did set up the sprinkler so the kids could play and cool off, as it is warm here.

Noting while i set up the sprinkler, our hose is toast. Found a new hose here (thanks DH) got it out, managed to tangle it, whoever rolls those things up likes fucking with people. I assure you.

However I need a washer where the damn thing hooks up to the house. Very leaky. I recall when hoses came with washers in them. And although that is not the point. A washer is cheap, Covered in sand and with wet and sandy children I was in no mood to trek down to the Mm and pop shop to go buy a washer only to come home and find I had bought the wrong size...

The sprinklers are toast as well.

I have also ran into a couple of other kinks...

that are even more frustrating, frustrating.

I am wondering if this is normal frustration, or if I am pms'ing...?

I throwing in the towel today....

The Collective are eating enormous blueberry sundaes, and I am licking my wounded pride, with a mouth full of sand.


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