Thursday, June 14, 2007


OK, Friday is the last day I have 3 hours...

What to do, what to do?

It has been suggested by some readers in e-mails, that...

I get a manicure. Well my nails are gone...gone. With all of the shoveling, and scooping (I need one more load), shrub trimming, weeding, and rock moving. They are gone.

My hair done. My hair lady is BOOKED. She is popular, she is booked. No chance in hell.

Go get a Brazilian wax. @#$% that!

Get a pedicure. Frankly my feet are a mess right now, from working in the yard, not only am I covered in bug bites and look like I have some sort of Amazonian induced malaria. They will be a mess for most of the summer. I wear TEVAS, I am in the yard or garden almost daily.

All of those are great options.

But I think I am going to wash bed linens.

But after the week I have had fresh sheets will be the best GIFT to myself ever.

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