Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SpouseBuzz Radio

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SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio

June 15, 2007|Andi

The SpouseBUZZ authors are very excited to announce the debut of SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio. There is nothing we like better than to actually talk to our readers. We love traveling to military installations with our LIVE events because it gives us an opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with military spouses. We can't be on the road all of the time, and we can't get to every military installation, so a radio show is the perfect solution.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 19 at 6:00 p.m. EST when we host our very first show, which will be a "Meet and Greet" program. No script, no special guests, just a free-for-all chat between the SpouseBUZZ authors and you. No topic is off-limits.

Click here at 6:00 EST on June 19 to listen live. If you have a question or comment, you can be on the show by dialing 646.478.5665. You can also submit a question or comment via Yahoo Instant Messenger. Our Yahoo IM screen name is spousebuzz. We'll read your questions or comments on air during our program. If you miss the show, the program will be archived and you can listen at a later date by clicking on the show archives.

Going forward, we'll be bringing you some interesting programming, including interviews with special guests. We're very excited about our new radio program, it promises to be a lot of fun, mostly because we get to talk to you!

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