Monday, June 04, 2007

Army Wives The series, what I think after just one show...

OK, I have been hearing about this show for quite some time...whisperings of it. But I can say it was not a blip on the screen for me.

My first concern was, Hollywood using wives to make an anti-war statement. I think, I am just in having that concern.

My second concern frankly was "our collective reputation". I was worried about the salaciousness that is sure to ensue. But not just the salaciousness, but how it could affect our morale at home, and beyond.

I must add here, I do not watch much television. During the day, if and when the tele is on, we are watching kids programming, sometimes Sir Rowland watches golf, or a game shoe (yes it is like living with a retired person). I am learning to like SpongeBob.

After the kids are down, (which after a month of traveling is later than I can stand), it is time to watch the news. The news. Which in America, is about as salacious as any night time drama series on Lifetime television. And the MSM, also runs on about a 15 minute reel, if you can stand it. and at about 10pm, you get O'Reily, Larry King, or that VERY UNROUGISH Anderson Cooper. After about 4 years of listening to that blather, I am done. (Unless of course Malkin has replaced O'Reily, and is raking someone over the coals, with her acid tongue.) Most of my news comes from new media now. The "news" is Infotainment, and meant for a 15 year old girls slumber party.

I do tend to like series. I have a history of falling in love with series. Like Northern Exposure, Deadwood, Rome, The Avengers. But television has turned into something to put a lamp and a picture on in our home.

So I watched Army Wives, and I actually liked it. I find the charactors endearing, particualrly Roxi,(I wonder why), and heck I need an excuse to pop corn on Sunday nights, put a mask on my face, and cotton between my toes while I paint my nails. After all DH is away, my Sundays are open. Although I could spend them organizing a sock drawer, picking up stray legos, or rokenboch pieces.

As a Military Spouse, I think this might be a great opportunity to educate civilians around me, because this is sure to spur some sort of water cooler discussion. And although I do not work, or have a water cooler handy, I am sure some jackass is going to ask me "Is your life anything like what we are seeing on tv?". (I will add here, they will probably ask me this why I am doing something very unsalacious, like weeding my yard, or shoveling mulch out of my pickup bed, or something else that really sucks to do alone....)

And I am unsure how I am going to answer them, I just might say "exactly", and wink.

No I wouldn't do that, I hope to use this as a tool to bridge the gap. I just have to figure out how.

I do think I might start getting strange looks from the Mommy and Me, Lilly Pulitzer set at the park when I wear my Army Wife t-shirt.'

Did I mention the very Kick ass soundtrack?



Anonymous said...

Being a Navy brat, I originally tuned into Lifetime’s Army Wives for the premise — family life on an Army post — and for the a cast that included Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue), Catherine Bell (JAG), and Brigid Brannagh (Angel), but I’ll be returning for the interesting characters and the captivating storyline.

Anonymous said...

I am a military wife (airforce) and i love army wives i can relate to the show and some of the characters. Does anyone know if they have an actual soundtrack for army wives.

Anonymous said...

Would also like to know if there is a 'site' that lists the music from 'Army Wives'for each Sunday.