Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Post Blizzard special

This is a photo of the street out front...uh yeah can't tell much from all of the white, but that is what 10 inches of snow looks like after 50 mph winds...

This is a part of the back yard, that is a 5 or so foot tall fence, and that is an amazing DRIFT.
Another snow day, thanks to 50 mph winds, and 10 inches of snow.

The kids are fine, but the dog is driving me CRAZY.

So far I am still in jammies.

A pan of lasagne is made, and how yummy will that be tonight?

I also have 2 batches of chocolate crinkle dough out on the front porch chilling. (The recipie says 3 hours to chill. The recipe writer did not count on 15 below temps!

Hopefully it will be done in an hour!

I have to have these made for Christmas on 84th Street tomorrow.

I actually almost have laundry caught up too!

We are headed outside...I think we are crazy. Yesterday there was no wind, and we managed a couple of hours. Today the wind is fierce, DH says he gives us 10 minutes...


Wife of a Sailor said...

Oh my... we are in for it tonight and tomorrow. Same storm only "gathering strength". We are being warned to prepare for widespread power outages. Lovely!

Stacy said...

Holy crap that is a lot of dang snow. How the heck do you drive in that mess.

Guard Wife said...

I am so hungry for lasagna and I have all the ingredients for it in the house! I will be making that this weekend for certain. :)

I do not envy you this snow at all!! We have the winds and freezing temps but only flurries.