Saturday, October 02, 2010

time zones

I am on the road, and at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho for SpouseBuzz Live. Of course I awoke @ 4:50am, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I am hoping things @ home are going well, and the kiddos will enjoy their weekend. They got to go out to eat last night, and it was movie night.

I am here in the company of my SpouseBuzz family, and if you can imagine we have been doing this for almost 5 years. Where does time go. I needed the time to catch up with folks. I am not good at sending notes, or keeping in touch with people. All of these ladies have a good sense of humor, even amidst personal crises and pain....which is inspiring. I need to laugh, because really what else can one do?

We visited the new Psychologist for a second time the other morning for an adaptive reasoning assessment for SR. Let me say this, I am thrilled we canned the last shrink. A really unimpressive Dr. The new Dr. is being deliberate, and seems to get it. I do wish DH and I could answer the questions more easily, but all of our answers were "it depends", along with a story or two about why. It took 45 minutes to get 1/2 way through. She was patient, and seemed to intrinsically understand.

SR likes her, and trusts her, and hope she understands him, he feels misunderstood at this point. Part of him is an adult trapped in a child's body, and he is frustrated when adults speak to him in a condescending fashion. She does not, and in fact I let SR answer many of the questions for the Dr. because he was able. In bad news this is being done so deliberatly and slowly, that the school seems not to understand what in the heck is going on. They want to know a diagnosis now so they can "do something". Really, a diagnosis determines what you do, instead of your years of teaching experience? I could go on and on.

I do miss my family this weekend, and will be returning home tomorrow.

enjoy your weekend.

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Bou said...

I never needed a diagnosis for my son. I just needed people to be patient and to understand. THEY needed the diagnosis... as if to reaffirm WHY they needed to be patient and understand. I never got that... why does a diagnosis have to dictate your behaviour? Why can't we just be a good human being and just do what appears to be needed to be done? Does that make sense?

Nobody can fix what is not right with my boy. There are no fixes and nobody can tell me 'it's going to be OK' because guess what? Last I looked, nobody has a crystal ball.

Lots of praying is done in this house... praying and working through myriad issues.