Sunday, October 10, 2010

And he amazes me

Chemistry Day was celebrated this past Saturday. DH took SR. I soooo wish I would have gone, and gotten to see SR enjoy the day, because he ENJOYED it immensely. He got to tour labs, watch experiments, and hang out at a college for the entire day. He was comfortable, and did well.

They had 2 activities through the day, one was a scavenger hunt, the other was a chemistry quiz bowl. (Note here those participating were high school students, or undecided college students thinking about chemistry. There was an 11 year old home schooler there as well.) I figured SR would shy away from participating in the quiz bowl. Why? SR has had no formal chemistry class, none. He is in a 3rd grade classroom.

About one year ago, DH and I bought him his first chemistry book after parent teacher conferences, we stopped at a book fair and picked him up 3 small books on chemistry, physics, and biology. Within 2 1/2 weeks he memorized the periodic table, and read the book over and over devouring it, learning everything. I went out and found him another book. It seemed difficult to find a chemistry book that would help his visual spatial style of learning. He read that too, and for the next year I was bombarded with all sorts of questions I could not answer. I took chemistry and did poorly, managed to much through, but managed to know just enough to squeak through. I never intrinsically understood any of it. Google is my friend. I was so excited for him to be around chemists that could actually answer his questions.

SR loved chemistry day, participated in the quiz bowl, (not all participated) and managed to get 2nd place overall. The winner had 22 points, SR had 15, and 3rd place had 11. SR got second place, at 8 years of age after reading 2 chemistry books. AMAZING...seriously SR 's brain amazes me. I also promise it is not simple rote memorization, the child UNDERSTANDS how science works, he understands interdisciplinary approach to science. He adores science and calls it his "quencher". It is the only thing that "quenches me"....

I am waiting for DH to load the videos from his phone. Because the kid was COMFORTABLE, and FINE. Something I think his 3rd grade teacher needs to see as well.

Now I need to figure this I ask the district to go ahead and send him to high school for high school chemistry? He has proved he can manage the material....

He needed this, his teacher and he have had a difficult year. She needs to know why.


Teresa/ride4fun said...

I wouldn't trust most high schools to be a good environment for genius kids. Community college would be a much safer option IMO. But I disliked HS socially and couldn't wait to graduate and get away from the cliques. (small town HS with only 25-30 in a class)

Just Another MilSpouse said...

That is absolutely amazing, you must be so proud.