Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Photo rundown from the last few months, you can watch them grow

Random photos from summer, it has been a while since I posted any. The past 1 week....awesome for us. One bad day for SR today, the semi meltdown had to do with writing. PN started Daisies last night, SR continues with Scouts. DH was a peach and took them both to the outings. I did take SR on a long bike ride. About 4-5 miles. It was a gorgeous night for a ride, beautiful sunset. DH also managed to sweet talk the University into letting SR attend Chemistry Day. This is normally an activity for high schoolers looking for a college. We get turned down a lot from these types of activities, but not this time! YAY it is this Saturday. I am TIRED. Not tired, but TIRED. I too started the melatonin when I need it, and it has done me well. I have always suffered from insomnia, ever since I was small. However I find at this time SLEEP is imperative to my well being. I have lived on 4-5 hours of sleep for about 8 years. It cannot be good for a person.

Kiddos at Mount Rushmore, they really had a fun time. We all did. first REAL vacation. Coolest part? Kiddos are big enough to pack, and carry own suitcases, no fighting in 17 hours in a vehicle!

DH and SR in Deadwood. The Collective were good there too, and even humored DH and I by wearing costumes, and getting a wild west photo taken.

After 7 hours in the car, we made it to Scottsbluff, not much there but Chimney Rock, one of the premier sights to be seen re: Western expansion of the states. the kiddos were not uber enthused, I was. Here is a photo of us getting attacked by giant flying, and biting ants. ITCHY.

The kiddo that took forever to like fireworks, because of sound, etc, loves them! Here is SR up in my hometown getting ready for fireworks with the entire family.

My beautiful neice, and the Collective at 4th of July at Grampanios. I love these little faces!


airforcewife said...

My future daughter in law in growing up just beautifully!

And SR REALLY has shot up! Seeing him in a picture next to you totally emphasizes how big he's getting.

william2233 said...

Cute pix, from a children author of Concord, Ca. feel free to look at my site