Sunday, February 07, 2010

you do realize it is 11:26 pm

I am sitting here with a towel on my head letting my hair color cook, and boiling 8 eggs for breakfast, and it is 11:23pm.

Frankly I should be doing my Wii Fit Plus, because the cold, and the winter, and my love of comfort foods has caught up with me.

I just need to move. So I will work on scheduling this in. tomorrow night will be easy. Everyone in the house but me will go to Boy Scouts. I can do it then. And now I have to figure out where to schedule it in to every day.

My brain misses my Yoga. My body misses my pilates.

WE have just been seriously busy, and well work. I work about 3o hours a week, not quite full time, but frankly if you add drop off, and pick up times for the kids, I am gone 40 hours.

In good news DH has become the grocery store guy. He does my grocery runs most of the time these days. Praise Jesus.

There is no balance here @ this time. The Holidays threw it off, and I have not recovered, my own problem I suppose. I was ill with the darn tooth, and sinus crap for what seemed like forever. I really did not feel good for a long time.

I need to figure this out, and will in the next 2 weeks.

This week I have Valentines Parties at school, a parent teacher conference, church snacks, women's Bible Study, and uhhhhh I am not sure what else. I need to look at brain book tomorrow and figure it out. February is a busy month.....who knew.

I will figure this out, I am feeling better and it is managable


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Guard Wife said...

You have pretty much described my life right now too! Oh, man. The lack of exercise is about to do me in. The snow is just too much. The girls have a snow day tomorrow. If the Y is open, I'm going to go hit the treadmill. If not, Brooke Burke and I are going to attack my abs and rear end on that gigantic exercise ball eating up space in my bedroom. I don't have time to sit around anymore. My man is coming home & I need to get my mind right before my big trip!!

Lurve you, girl!