Sunday, February 21, 2010

My legs are really.

Week in review.

Today I picked up SR from Sunday school, and he proclaimed he has accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. If that did not make my spirit and heart restful, and full of JOY. Like any Mother, I just stood there with tears in my eyes....that is a good, and profound day. What a wonderful decision, for him to to make and I hope it is the beginning of what is sure to be a profound relationship for him.

We have just returned from the dog park. Day 3 of going in the blistering COLD temps. It is below freezing, and there was wind. DH is at drill, so for the last 3 days I have taken all 3 mammals to the park. 3 mammals at the dog park is an adventure. There are strange dogs, and you never know when a dog that is not used to children will get curious. There is also open water, so I worried about The collective, mostly SR who really wanted to push his Sister into the creek on the sled. Too much to keep track of.

Winter has me fatigued, it really does, the keeping track of hats, boots, coats, snowsuits, mittens, making sure they are always dry and clean and ready for play....the bouncing, and jumping and excess energy that goes with being locked up, the lack of sun and fresh air....this is the worst winter in years....a sort of baptism by fire if you will.

PN had 2 birthday parties last weekend, one yesterday, and 2 next weekend? REALLY? What on Earth was going on 6 years and nine months ago? Did the cable go out? Must have, because it is ridiculous.

Band Practice is going well, 2 other children have joined.

SR had an insane amount of homework this week. Seriously. 4 book reports, spelling, a Spanish quiz, and math homework, and some sort of alphabetical order worksheet. That seems like a lot for a second grader. He had to skip church on Wednesday in order to get it complete.

SR also got charactor student of the week in art, which I am confused about as he and the art teacher do not see eye to eye. I am unsure if she threw him a bone, or if he earned it. It didi make him feel good about himself to be recognized.

There is enough laundry for me to hire it, especially since beds need to be made. The collective want meatloaf, salad, and sweet potatoes tonight. So I am off to prepare the meal.

In good news Sarah's DH is home, and baby is in utero.

GuardWife will soon be getting an addition to her family by way of Ethiopia.

TAH, and USO girl are engaged.

My friend and blog Mom Tammi has worked HARD this year, and her hard work was recognized!

So many blessings.....your prayers are working folks


Sara said...

Posts like this make me so happy. That's a lot of joy in a few paragraphs.

airforcewife said...

Such awesome news! All of it! Yay!

Guard Wife said...

Love to have been included in your list of good things happening. :)

Still so pleased for Henry! :)

XtnYoda said...

Give my young new "bro" a big hug for me!!!

Wonderful news to warm the heart!


concretebob said...

Thanks for the good thoughts and the chuckles. I knew you'd been hacked, just from the tone of the DM. If you sent me a message, you'd use a phrase verification that only you and I (and half the milblog community) would know. (andyouknowwhatimtalkingabout)

This is funny. My word verification to post a comment is cration. (C-Ration)